"you have to admit there’s a possibility that you fancy each other” - graham norton


David Tennant and Catherine Tate on The Graham Norton Show - Graham asks them if they know their lines yet for Much Ado About Nothing.

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DT and CT. Dancing Dorks. 





“I spent a really glorious nine months in Cardiff made wonderful by David’s wonderfulness […] because to work so closely with someone on a schedule that is that tight and kind of grueling, really, […] you spend most of your time with your costar, to do that with someone you didn’t really hit it off with would be a really tough call and so it was made delightful by being able to work so closely with David. […] He became a really good friend.”
- Catherine Tate on her Doctor Who experience [x]

The most important way that ‘Doctor Who’ changed my life was that David Tennant became a good friend.”Catherine Tate [x]

"We go together, you and I.."

“David has a lightness of touch that makes even the most complex ideas or the densest of texts feel effortless and accessible. He combines this mercurial deftness with an unflinching search for the truth in every role that he plays, and doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable choices. He is also incredibly funny and not in the least bit fussy about what he eats, which for me is what sets him apart from others. Unless you offer him a fish pie, in which case he will become embarrassingly like a diva and demand a meat lasagne instead. True story.”

Catherine Tate

Source: David Tennant News

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