"You can love more than one person." Of course you can. But marriage is something different. Marriage is memory, marriage is time. [x]


And love is all that I can give to you. Love is more than just a game for two. Two in love can make it. Take my heart and please don’t break it. Love was made for me and you. (x)

I love a bad girl, me


He’s falling apart and she’s the last person left who he loves.  Amy and Rory are gone forever and you can see it on his face even before he asks her to stay with him that he knows his time with her is only temporary. He knows she doesn’t want to travel forever and she’ll go back to her life as professor.

Soon, she won’t walk out of the Tardis doors only to turn up again in the middle of some crazy adventure like she always does. She’ll leave for the Library and there will be nothing left for him but the hope of running into younger versions of her until time runs out and there are no adventures left.

After all these years of having a family, time is catching up with him. Soon, he will be alone again. Left behind to live on while everyone else he loves is gone.

we’re all gonna die right here, and you’re just squabbling like an old married couple 



My work for the upcoming Doctor Who tribute show at Meltdown Comics! It’s here in LA on November 1st, and loads of talented artists have come out of the woodwork to share our love for the good Doctor.

With something like Doctor Who, there’s so much rich, amazing material to work from. Obviously you have the companions, and the Doctors, and the worlds and a vibrant rogues gallery, but i’ve always really loved River Song, both her character and her unique relationship with the doctor. Sorting through her timeline requires a bit of a roadmap, but fortunately the internet was ahead of me on that one. Her story is powerful and beautiful and tragic AND she’s got big awesome curly hair, what’s not to love?



                                  By now it’s just the three of us:


                                                Your shadow.

                                                  Your echo.


"Roses are RedThe Tardis is Blue.I’m the DoctorAnd I love you!”Happy Valentine!Lots of Roses for River.


"Roses are Red
The Tardis is Blue.
I’m the Doctor
And I love you!

Happy Valentine!
Lots of Roses for River.


The Chess Metaphor: The Doctor as the King and River Song as the Queen of the set

"The Wedding of River Song"

"The queen is your only legal move. Except you’ve already moved it 12 times which means there are now 4 million volts running through it."

The Silence has moved River one too many times and she is now sparking and deadly; she refuses to be manipulated any more and cannot be moved by them again. The Doctor is winning the game, but to get what he truly wants— information, both during the chess game and in reality— he must concede the game. He concedes to River, allowing himself to trust her, and marries her, thereby winning his life, information, and her. 

Nightmare in Silver/The Name of the Doctor

"You could sacrifice your queen."

While the game in TWoRS has the Doctor facing an outside enemy, the game in “Nightmare in Silver” is his battle against himself. This sacrifice gives up the queen, the most powerful piece in the set, for some positional benefit. The Doctor sacrifices the queen during the game to win in general, and saves the children and Clara. However, in doing so he had to face a darker, more painful part of himself. In the next episode, he faces his tomb, an internal attack on himself, but cannot bring himself to rescue Clara until he lets go of his wife, who he had been holding on to for years— so he “sacrifices his queen.”

Some picked a world at random, a slice to get stuffed up till there with Earth,
But that’s what I picked, this soul inexplicably, this soul odiously, key to mine.

And it isn’t that easy! it isn’t that easy to get rid of this soul obscurely that she owes me. My soul.
Mine, desperately, it’s not my fault! my soul that is the purpose of her soul! (x)

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