About Me

My name is Grace. 22. INFP. American and English Lit Grad Student.

I’m a fan-girl, a sucker for epic otps, and you’ll see a lot of that here.  

But I also have a deep passion for writing, fashion, and photography. I love vintage things, quotes, inspirational people, class, landscape, astronomy, and a multitude of other things. 

I will post some of those things here, but the best representation of these other interests can be found in the style link on my page, or in the link below. 

Any other questions feel free to ask!

This is my main tumblrblog—so if I followed you and you have no idea why, because it doesn’t seem like we post similar things it’s probably because I do post similar things on my other personal blog: latelygrace. Check it out if you’d like! 

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